New Technology in 2016


Technology is constantly evolving and many of the things existing now were inconceivable or the stuffs of imagination even a decade back. Who would have imagined smart watches and glasses would be available in so short time? That smartphone apps would be ruling every aspect of life, from booking cabs and training tickets to reserving a hotel or checking out the nearest bus terminus, was also unthinkable. Check out new technology that would gain more prominence in 2016.


Wearable smart devices

If smart watches seem to be a leap into next generation technology, you can expect 2016 to bring you the first versions of smart jewellery, wearable health care sensors for the body, display devices similar to Google Glass and various sensors placed in shoes and apparels. These devices are supposed to convey information about health care, hobbies, fashion, fitness, sports etc to your smartphone or mobile device.


Enterprise mobile management (EMM)

The year 2016 is also anticipated to kick-start EMM, the convergence and evolution of various mobile security, support and management technologies. Whether mobile file sharing and synchronization, application management, application wrapping, mobile application management or mobile device management, you can get it all. These types of tools already exist in nascent stages, and will grow. Wide variety of mobile management requirements will be addressed across iOS, Android OS and other different operating systems on PCs, smartphones and tablets.