Technology Trends to Hit the Market Soon

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New technology is always being developed to cater to the needs of man, and every year is witnessing some technological breakthrough or other. From education to entertainment to communication, new and better technologies are being designed to improve living standards and make life better. Find out some of the new technologies which are expected to open up new trends in the coming future.

Cognitive Computing

This is a type of computing system which can process huge amount of data, much bigger than can be handled by humans. It will cover the area of “emotional intelligence” which covers various aspects of human state. It is used to signify the capability of understanding the types of emotions being experienced by other people, with the help of expression, voice, text or visual representation.

Virtual medical technology

The coming days will see the use of virtual reality in medical technology. Medical students can learn more easily about pathology and anatomy and can carry out dissections virtually. Hospital processes and issues can be simulated before skills are tested on actual people.