The new arrivals


There are a lot of new things that are scheduled to hit the deadlines in 2016 and they will definitely going to be a blow out. I researched the main ones that i felt would be the biggest and the best. Technology is taking its turn for the best and these listed below just prove it.

Artificial intelligence or AI is set to play a big role in mobile phones and mobile applications. It will make searches, display and user controls easier and more intuitive. AI will also play a big role in medical facilities and hospitals, and make diagnosis and cures more effective. This will be highly efficient in the fields of radiology and cardiology. It is set to change the way humans interact with computers and even wearable devices like smart watches are set to become really smarter with the addition of AI. This will also change the way machines handle large volumes of data and analyses the same.

Wearable business device
This year onwards, there is expected to be a surge in the use of wearable devices for business purposes. The iWatch is already out and a number of wearable watches and similar items are in the market. These are expected to make employee interactions better and much easier. The use of smart machines in every stage of business level is anticipated to make everything automated.

Innovation labs

The increased pace of innovations in every field, whether insurance or retail, will make innovation labs become the technology of the future. Although these labs have been in existence already for some time, more and more resources are likely to be dedicated to these in 2016 and beyond. These will be used across various business lines and corporate functions.