Little things can make a big difference!


Are you having trouble starting up your business? Or maybe you are running out of ideas for the business you work for? Technology can help you in a lot of ways, so many ways it is unbelievable but, you could just try out the little things that began way before all this new technology began! Have a little look at these and see if any of these could catch any eyes. Technology is one thing but starting at the basics is another.

Give away freebies
Who doesn’t love freebies? They are universally accepted as a good way to promote products and services. Your freebies can be in the form of eBooks, music CDs, exclusive content on your website, podcasts, video or audio files, inside scoop emails etc. You can build an instant connect with customers with freebies, and people do not mind receiving emails that contain links to these free items.

Use business cards
If you thought business cards are so passé and old-fashioned, think again. A number of businesses find favour with these age-old promotional materials. Handing them over instantly creates connect and establishes an impression of a veritable organisation in the minds of people, turning them into potential customers. Interested people with networks or deep pockets might also like to be your business partner.

Use Thank You Gifts
If you have a store that sells products, it can be a good idea to keep some small gifts to hand over as a mark of gratitude for returning customers. The kind of goodwill that you generate will be very useful for you.