My Trip to Siberia

Larry Chen

I thought i would tell you a little about the food in Siberia and what is considered to be the best regarding fish and meat. On my trip i made great friends with a tree surgeon from Birmingham (, his name was Shane and he joined me on this adventure.

Fish is a big thing in Siberia and is considered to be a favourite among Siberians. Siberia will never be low on fish due to how many are around. Fish is used for so many famous dishes in Siberia such as fish soup, fish pies, frying and also pickled fish. Pike is a very popular dish in Siberia is a famous dish that Pike is used for is baked stuffed fish and was originally adopted from a Jewish cuisine. Fried caviar is also a very famous dish in Siberia and is just pure caviar that is fried in a little flour and is known as a caviar cake.