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My Trip to Siberia

Larry Chen

I thought i would tell you a little about the food in Siberia and what is considered to be the best regarding fish and meat. On my trip i made great friends with a tree surgeon from Birmingham (https://plus.google.com/+BirminghamstreesurgeonsUk/about), his name was Shane and he joined me on this adventure.

Fish is a big thing in Siberia and is considered to be a favourite among Siberians. Siberia will never be low on fish due to how many are around. Fish is used for so many famous dishes in Siberia such as fish soup, fish pies, frying and also pickled fish. Pike is a very popular dish in Siberia is a famous dish that Pike is used for is baked stuffed fish and was originally adopted from a Jewish cuisine. Fried caviar is also a very famous dish in Siberia and is just pure caviar that is fried in a little flour and is known as a caviar cake.

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Little things can make a big difference!


Are you having trouble starting up your business? Or maybe you are running out of ideas for the business you work for? Technology can help you in a lot of ways, so many ways it is unbelievable but, you could just try out the little things that began way before all this new technology began! Have a little look at these and see if any of these could catch any eyes. Technology is one thing but starting at the basics is another.

Give away freebies
Who doesn’t love freebies? They are universally accepted as a good way to promote products and services. Your freebies can be in the form of eBooks, music CDs, exclusive content on your website, podcasts, video or audio files, inside scoop emails etc. You can build an instant connect with customers with freebies, and people do not mind receiving emails that contain links to these free items.

Use business cards
If you thought business cards are so passé and old-fashioned, think again. A number of businesses find favour with these age-old promotional materials. Handing them over instantly creates connect and establishes an impression of a veritable organisation in the minds of people, turning them into potential customers. Interested people with networks or deep pockets might also like to be your business partner.

Use Thank You Gifts
If you have a store that sells products, it can be a good idea to keep some small gifts to hand over as a mark of gratitude for returning customers. The kind of goodwill that you generate will be very useful for you.

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The new arrivals


There are a lot of new things that are scheduled to hit the deadlines in 2016 and they will definitely going to be a blow out. I researched the main ones that i felt would be the biggest and the best. Technology is taking its turn for the best and these listed below just prove it.

Artificial intelligence or AI is set to play a big role in mobile phones and mobile applications. It will make searches, display and user controls easier and more intuitive. AI will also play a big role in medical facilities and hospitals, and make diagnosis and cures more effective. This will be highly efficient in the fields of radiology and cardiology. It is set to change the way humans interact with computers and even wearable devices like smart watches are set to become really smarter with the addition of AI. This will also change the way machines handle large volumes of data and analyses the same.

Wearable business device
This year onwards, there is expected to be a surge in the use of wearable devices for business purposes. The iWatch is already out and a number of wearable watches and similar items are in the market. These are expected to make employee interactions better and much easier. The use of smart machines in every stage of business level is anticipated to make everything automated.

Innovation labs

The increased pace of innovations in every field, whether insurance or retail, will make innovation labs become the technology of the future. Although these labs have been in existence already for some time, more and more resources are likely to be dedicated to these in 2016 and beyond. These will be used across various business lines and corporate functions.

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Technology Trends to Hit the Market Soon

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New technology is always being developed to cater to the needs of man, and every year is witnessing some technological breakthrough or other. From education to entertainment to communication, new and better technologies are being designed to improve living standards and make life better. Find out some of the new technologies which are expected to open up new trends in the coming future.

Cognitive Computing

This is a type of computing system which can process huge amount of data, much bigger than can be handled by humans. It will cover the area of “emotional intelligence” which covers various aspects of human state. It is used to signify the capability of understanding the types of emotions being experienced by other people, with the help of expression, voice, text or visual representation.

Virtual medical technology

The coming days will see the use of virtual reality in medical technology. Medical students can learn more easily about pathology and anatomy and can carry out dissections virtually. Hospital processes and issues can be simulated before skills are tested on actual people.


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Advertising Your Business – How to Promote Your Organisation Cheaply?


In this day and age, promoting a business is not very easy. While a number of avenues – especially the internet – have come to prominence, the presence of so many businesses has made it a little difficult for businesses to stand up and get noticed. With SEO companies shooting to the top with new technology helping them help businesses to rank higher, companies like InterLead are bringing a significant amount of profit to businesses around the world but sometimes, especially with small start ups without a huge advertising budget and necessary knowledge of marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, you can use the following tips to advertise your business without spending a bomb.

Send a Weekly E-mail
In case you are serious about keeping in touch with your consumers, sending a weekly e-mail to them can be really valuable. Choose a specific day of the week to send your mail. Although the entire process will be automated, you should personalize each of them with the name of every customer/subscriber. There are special online tools to facilitate this process. With motivational messages in each weekly email, you can get customers to follow your advice and look forward to your mails.

Attend Networking Events
Try to attend important events in your city or town, which can bring your business to the notice of other people. Choose to promote your niche through public speaking. If you are a good speaker, you can try speaking yourself on a topic related to your domain. Try reading up important topics and information about your niche and attempt speaking in your social group before debuting in an event.

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What’s new in the world?


Mobile-connected smart objects

There will be a profusion of a wide range of smart objects, such as controllable power sockets, medical devices, sports equipments, domestic appliances, toys, LED light bulbs etc, which can be paired with your mobile devices and managed by the same. Although many such smart objects are available already, they tend to be highly expensive. However, these are set to become very low-cost and enter the domestic sphere.

App Metrics and monitoring tools

You will also find a wide range of app monitoring tools and metrics. Due to the wide range of mobile devices now available, it is virtually impossible to test apps in a comprehensive manner. The cloud services and mobile networks cannot be determined and there can be a lot of problems in analyzing apps as a result. With application performance monitoring (APM), a technology that would get better in 2016, this would be possible. The new technology will make it easy to understand application behavior and get important statistics and details regarding the features of the apps.

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New Technology in 2016


Technology is constantly evolving and many of the things existing now were inconceivable or the stuffs of imagination even a decade back. Who would have imagined smart watches and glasses would be available in so short time? That smartphone apps would be ruling every aspect of life, from booking cabs and training tickets to reserving a hotel or checking out the nearest bus terminus, was also unthinkable. Check out new technology that would gain more prominence in 2016.


Wearable smart devices

If smart watches seem to be a leap into next generation technology, you can expect 2016 to bring you the first versions of smart jewellery, wearable health care sensors for the body, display devices similar to Google Glass and various sensors placed in shoes and apparels. These devices are supposed to convey information about health care, hobbies, fashion, fitness, sports etc to your smartphone or mobile device.


Enterprise mobile management (EMM)

The year 2016 is also anticipated to kick-start EMM, the convergence and evolution of various mobile security, support and management technologies. Whether mobile file sharing and synchronization, application management, application wrapping, mobile application management or mobile device management, you can get it all. These types of tools already exist in nascent stages, and will grow. Wide variety of mobile management requirements will be addressed across iOS, Android OS and other different operating systems on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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