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My Trip to Siberia

Larry Chen

I thought i would tell you a little about the food in Siberia and what is considered to be the best regarding fish and meat. On my trip i made great friends with a tree surgeon from Birmingham (https://plus.google.com/+BirminghamstreesurgeonsUk/about), his name was Shane and he joined me on this adventure.

Fish is a big thing in Siberia and is considered to be a favourite among Siberians. Siberia will never be low on fish due to how many are around. Fish is used for so many famous dishes in Siberia such as fish soup, fish pies, frying and also pickled fish. Pike is a very popular dish in Siberia is a famous dish that Pike is used for is baked stuffed fish and was originally adopted from a Jewish cuisine. Fried caviar is also a very famous dish in Siberia and is just pure caviar that is fried in a little flour and is known as a caviar cake.

In the twentieth century, meat was an important dish on a Siberian menu and was classed as a main dish and was always used for a main course with the most important meats being lamb, goose, beef and chicken and was used in a variety of dishes that were very famous. One of the most famous meat dishes would have to be the Borscht, this is a red meat soup and its exquisite taste, it is the finest food of southern Russia.

Siberia is a beautiful place, especially with is forests, mountains and lakes. The forests in Siberia are full of bears and tigers and are always caked with snow that just never stops making the soil frozen and never unfreezes. Siberia is a place to visit if you want to be spoilt by nature at its best. With its unspoilt nature and untouched landscapes, Siberia is one of the most beautiful places on earth! With its high mountains and green valleys, it is not just snow that makes this place beautiful like most people think, there are parts of Siberia that are so breath taking, you just would not believe what your eyes were seeing.

Siberia is home to the deepest fresh water lake to have ever been noted in the whole world and is known as the ‘Blue Eye of Siberia’ and is a very big tourist attraction due to its name, how big it is and its beauty. The Blue Eye of Siberia is situated in between the Ural mountains and lake Baikal. With the Russian Far East by itself being big enough to take over the whole of the United States, there is an unbelievable amount of land to be discovered… It would take years.

One of the best and most famous way to explore the beautiful Siberia is to go via the famous Trans-Siberian Railway which is still to this date the longest rail road in the world! No other place could compare to Siberia, it is breath taking and is certainly a place that should be on your list pf places to visit.

The beauty of Siberia can never be changed, with every year that goes by, Siberia just becomes more and more beautiful. On a picture, Siberia is so stunning and can be seen as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but to the naked eye, Siberia is completely different. When Siberia is seen through the naked eye, there are no words. It is so breath taking that it will make you lost for words. With each breath you take, you can taste the freedom and the natural, untouched air that surrounds you, nothing will ever compare to you standing in Siberia, and looking out into the open, it is a feeling like no other, a feeling that will never be forgotten. From my previous post, i have decided to provide you with some more breath taking places in Siberia that deserve to be seen through the naked eye and should never be undervalued.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is one of the wonders of Siberia. It is one of Siberia’s most stunning sceneries and is legendary. It is the deepest fresh water lake in the whole world and you can only really feel its beauty in person, not through a picture. Lake Baikal attracts so many tourists as it allows them to swim in its fresh waters and tourists can also be taken by boat to certain parts. Tougher tourists can also go around the lake by foot or on a bike and the views are equally as gorgeous. Its a place like no other.

Putorana Plateau

Putorana Plateau, most famously known for its ten thousand lakes and one thousand waterfalls, it is a place that is like no other in the whole world. A place that is so dreamy, it would seem like a fairy tale or wonderland to be there. Uninhabited wilderness have remained intact for thousands and thousands of years and will always be a landscape untouched. Its beauty is like nothing ever seen before and with its many valleys and gorges, it is just a place that will never leave your mind and your mind will never leave there.

Tomsk, Siberia

Tomsk is a beautiful town in Siberia. If you are someone who loves architecture, you will love this beautiful place! You will fill some masterpieces that are made of wood and art that is breath taking. This town is great for a holiday if you want a little more of the hustle and bustle. Tomsk is mostly full of the younger generation with most of the locals being students.

Ergaki National Park

Young or old, professionals or novices, hikers or walkers, whatever it is you are, Ergaki National Park is perfect for everyone! Whether you want to go on long hikes to get to the top of the mountain to take in the stunning views provided or if you want to roast some pine cones of a raging fire, you name it, its a place for everyone.

Visiting Siberia is never easy because… You just can never decide where is best to stay because the hotels are all so amazing! Hopefully this may help a little as hopefully you will be able to now find a hotel that will suit you best.


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