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Mobile-connected smart objects

There will be a profusion of a wide range of smart objects, such as controllable power sockets, medical devices, sports equipments, domestic appliances, toys, LED light bulbs etc, which can be paired with your mobile devices and managed by the same. Although many such smart objects are available already, they tend to be highly expensive. However, these are set to become very low-cost and enter the domestic sphere.

App Metrics and monitoring tools

You will also find a wide range of app monitoring tools and metrics. Due to the wide range of mobile devices now available, it is virtually impossible to test apps in a comprehensive manner. The cloud services and mobile networks cannot be determined and there can be a lot of problems in analyzing apps as a result. With application performance monitoring (APM), a technology that would get better in 2016, this would be possible. The new technology will make it easy to understand application behavior and get important statistics and details regarding the features of the apps.

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